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9:00am Prayer 
11:00am Day Session

7:00pm Evening Service

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11:00am Day Session

Elder Everard Wayne Anthony Brown is an ordained minister affiliated with Bethel United Church of Jesus Christ (Apostolic). In his formative years he was influenced by the preaching and teaching of the late Bishop S. A. Dunn, the founding father of the Bethel Churches worldwide. Under the leadership of his uncle and pastor (emeritus) Bishop I D Thompson, Elder Brown developed a love for the Ministry at 20 South Camp Road in Kingston where he served as Assistant Superintendent of Sunday School, with special emphasis working with new converts. Some of Elder Brown's other involvement in ministry includes: Minister of Music, Youth Advisor, Youth Leader and Outreach Team Leader. Elder Brown also served as Bible Teacher and Preacher on the Voice of Holiness broadcast and The Gospel Magazine on Love FM. A past student of Kingston College, he taught Religious Education at his alma mater, which includes Judaism, Islam, and Christianity, at the CXC level. In addition to his secular involvement, he taught at the Jamaica Apostolic Bible Institute for over 10 years, lecturing in Monotheism, Systematic Theology, History and Prophecy. Elder Brown migrated to the United States in 2001, and is currently involved in full time ministry with a global reach including, Europe, Canada, the Middle East, Caribbean Islands, and throughout the United States of America. This humble Servant of the Lord lives by the mantra that he is not perfect but is complete, because of a life hid in Christ with God. And, when you meet him you are assured of his famous salutation. Shalom.

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Elder Wayne Brown

7:00pm Evening Service

Bishop L. Colin Cawley is a humble servant whose genuine passion is to see the expansion of the Kingdom of God. Bishop Cawley serves as Senior Pastor of Mount Zion and was born in St. Elizabeth, Jamaica, West Indies. He came to know the Lord at an early age and since then he has had an insatiable desire to study the Word of God.

Bishop Cawley holds a doctorate in Theology and possesses an anointing that allows him to speak with clarity and precision directly from God to the Church. Bishop Cawley presently serves as the Dean of the Mount Zion Apostolic Bible College. A humble man of God, Bishop Cawley has made it his personal goal to make each of his students a better preacher or teacher than himself.

Bishop Cawley is an itinerant speaker, teacher, and seminarian who has been privileged to minister in North America, Europe and in the Caribbean. He has been married to the lovely Norma, his wife and friend for over 40 years. Together they have three children; twin sons Jerome, Dwayne, and daughter, Cheryl.


Pastor  Colin Cawley

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