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11:00am Day Session
7:00pm Evening Service

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11:00am Day Session

Elder Barrington Campbell is the assistant pastor of the True Holiness Apostolic Temple of Toronto. Sixteen years ago, Elder Campbell was fully involved in pursuing his dream as a building contractor; nevertheless, he did not know that God had a different purpose for his life. He had an encounter with God that changed the trajectory of his whole life. He humbly yielded to the call of God that required him to migrate to Canada from his beloved country of Jamaica. However, before leaving Jamaica, he was ordained as a minister at Greater Grace Temple under the leadership of Bishop C. A. Holdsworth.


Since arriving in Canada, Elder Campbell has been at the True Holiness Apostolic Temple of Toronto where he has served in various capacities until he was made Assistant Pastor by the late Apostle Felix Samuels. He now serves under the leadership of Pastor Oniel Fisher. Elder Campbell has a passion for seeing people’s lives transformed by the word of God. He believes that if God can do it for him, then God will do it for anyone. He is married to his lovely wife of 26 years, Evangelist Paula Campbell; they have two adorable daughters. Elder Campbell orders his priorities by putting God first, then his family, and then his ministry.


Elder Barrington Campbell

Pastor Daniel McDonald is an Apostolic minister with over 24 years of full-time experience in preaching and ministry. Originally from Escanaba, Michigan, he started evangelizing at the age of 21 and spent three years traveling across the United States and Canada, preaching revivals, camps, conferences, and other meetings. It was during this time that he met his wife Julie, from Somerset, Pennsylvania, and together they continued evangelizing for three more years.


In 2005, the McDonalds accepted the pastorate of First Pentecostal Church in Vandalia, Illinois, where they led the congregation with great success for a decade. During their tenure, the church experienced significant spiritual and numerical growth. In 2015, the McDonalds moved to Shelbyville, Indiana, where they currently pastor the historic First Church of Pentecost, founded in 1915 under the direction of Bishop G.T. Haywood and Christ Temple in Indianapolis. Under their leadership, the church has grown into a vibrant and diverse congregation.


In addition to pastoring, the McDonalds continue to travel extensively, preaching and ministering both nationally and internationally. They are blessed with four children, three sons, and a daughter. Additionally, Pastor McDonald is currently pursuing a master's degree in leadership through Wilson University.  His dedication to ministry, coupled with his ongoing pursuit of education, reflects his unwavering commitment to serving God and his community.


Pastor  Daniel McDonald

7:00pm Evening Service

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