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Conference started in 2012 with A Word from a Distance when, at the prompting of Pastor Andrew S. Henry by the Holy Ghost, Elder Kevin Colquhoun (then newly-minted Pastor of the Wisdom & Life Church in Cambridge, Ontario) came to meet and minister to the brethren in the “Upper Room” on Montreal’s Gouin Blvd. At least two souls were baptized in the name of Jesus by the end of that service after hearing that I Am is a Jealous God. The following year saw The Abundance of Rain as we not only planned our first full three-day conference but also renovated and moved into our new storefront home days before the conference began.

From that first conference, we witnessed miraculous healings as well as spiritual healing and growth/maturity on an individual and congregational level as the 2014 conference speakers showed us through the immutable Word of God that we Possess the Power to Heal. After a year of healing came the Unity that Cultivates the Anointing, demonstrating practically how true church culture includes a place for whosoever will obey Jesus Christ. Why? Because Holiness Is Not a Rule; it’s a Lifestyle that any soul seeking isolation with the Creator of all things can live. 

We were shaken to our core in the year of Apostolic Conception when Jesus asked again the question: Who do Men Say That I Am? The answer that came back forced us to our faces as we carefully considered our lives, our behaviours, and our religious practices in light of the unchanging Word of God. But being the compassionate and fair Father that He is, Jesus came to remind us that, despite the pain of enduring process of transformation, The Best is Yet to Come to all those who suffer with Christ and trade our dependence on what we think for what He says. The reassurance drove us to our knees for a year, cancelling everything so we could seek the face of Jesus Christ, even before the pandemic shut down all other gatherings.

Now, after five years of reflection, repentance, revision, and renewal, we are back with our cups turned up, eagerly awaiting The Return of this Kingdom experience and, more importantly, the eminent return of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. While there is much work to be done in these last hours, we keep one hand to the plow and the other holding up our emptied vessels, ready to hear from the Lord. We are ready for this Kingdom move and invite whosoever will to get ready for The Return.

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